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Dunedin City Council

The initial roll-out of Dunedin’s new kerbside collection service was a huge success, and residents across the city are now filling the recycling bin of their choice (240L or 80L).

The highlight of the project was delivering bins to Baldwin Street, which Dunedin claims is the steepest street in the world.

It goes without saying that the city of Dunedin has its geographical challenges. Working in partnership with the council, SULO Talbot was proud to respond to these with state-of-the-art technology, tight management controls and a flexible approach to manufacturing.

The company’s flexibility came in handy when the council faced an overwhelming (and unexpected) response from residents across the city seeking to substitute their standard 240L recycling bin for a smaller one.  As a local manufacturer, SULO Talbot was able to accommodate these changes to the production process, and still deliver the project on time.

A commitment to cutting-edge technology also made all the difference.  SULO Talbot developed a purpose-built assembly and distribution (A&D) software application to manage all facets of wheelie bin delivery.  The application strictly controls everything ... from delivery run creation and bin serial numbers to address-matching; label-making; delivery run assignment to specific vehicles; delivery tracking; exceptions management; stock control; and reporting.  At any point the application can reveal exactly how many bins have been delivered to a property.  In the case of Dunedin, this proved invaluable as the steeper and windier the streets, the harder the property is to find.

'SULO Talbot looks forward to partnering in its next challenge.  We're ready for whatever your city can throw at us.'