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Papakura District Council

The delivery of new recycling wheelie bins commenced in Papakura today, ahead of the 3 October start of an improved recycling service in the area.

With approximately 1600 bins being delivered each week day the roll-out to about 17,000 eligible properties will be completed by late September – but until the new service starts in October recycling must continue to be put out in open-top crates, with paper and cardboard set out separately.

Auckland Council Solid Waste Business Unit Manager Jon Roscoe says all residents, businesses, schools and clubs in Papakura currently using the council’s current kerbside recycling service are eligible for a new recycling wheelie bin.

“If you use the council’s current crate-based recycling service and have not received a new wheelie bin and accompanying information pack by the end of September please contact our local customer services team on 295 1300,” he says.

“Remember recycling will be collected fortnightly in future, but rubbish bags will continue to be collected weekly, and for some properties there will be a new collection day due to vehicle routing changes being made to improve the efficiency of the collection service.”

The Mayor says the new wheelie bin-based service will make recycling easier and offers both improved safety and environmental benefits. Introducing the recycling wheelie bins and a fortnightly collection also brings Papakura in line with a number of other parts of Auckland.

“The new recycling wheelie bins are easier to move than the current crates and as all recyclables go into the wheelie bins there’s added convenience too. In turn this encourages more recycling, and that means less goes to landfill,” says the Mayor.

“The use of recycling wheelie bins also reduces the health and safety risks for both ratepayers and collectors by eliminating the need to lift heavy crates. “Plus with the bins having lids and no kerbside sorting required there will be a reduction in wind-blown litter and spillage, including of glass - which means safer, cleaner streets.”

“There will also be fewer trucks on the streets with the new service, which is another advantage,” he says.

Karen Murray, General Manager of the local bin manufacturers SULO Talbot Limited, says the bins being rolled out in Papakura are made using 30% locally-sourced recycled material, including 5% recycled milk bottles.

The company is working towards being able to manufacture and certify bins made completely of recycled material.

For more information phone 09 295 1300 or visit