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Custom Plastics Moulding

SULO NZ offers expertise in custom moulding, specialising in large injection moulded parts with various injection moulding machine sizes and capabilities. SULO NZ can assist customers with their projects from the initial tool design, resin selection, quality requirements all the way through to production and delivery requirements. 


  • 3 Axis Robots on every machine, for high product quality and efficient cycle time
  • 680 | 1350 | 2650 tonne machines
  • Manufacturing flexibility to suit customer requirements
  • Mould project and construction management
  • Connections to local & international toolmakers
  • Customer asset maintenance (moulds and equipment)
  • Hopper dryers and desiccant dryers from 50kg/h up to 500kg/h
  • Chiller and mould heaters for all size moulds
  • Proximity to ports and experience with freight to domestic & international destinations