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Assembly and Distribution

SULO NZ has the ability to offer a full Assembly and Distribution service for the rollout of new residential or commercial Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs). SULO NZ will manage the project from the very beginning right through to the very end.

During the rollout, utilising a Council provided database, SULO NZ will maintain and update all the relevant information regarding the MGB distribution. If required each MGB, its unique serial number, RFID tag and the residential property it was allocated can also be recorded. Once the distribution is completed SULO NZ will compile an electronic version of the database and return it to council.

Other services that SULO NZ can provide during an Assembly and Distribution are the inclusion of stickers, labels and information booklets for the resident detailing the new service.

  • Through our investment in scanning, innovative proprietary software and information technology SULO can effectively manage, monitor and report on every aspect of your bin roll-out, replacement, retro-fit or pull back.
  • The SULO web based system is not only accurate and secure, but can report in real time.
  • Benefit – Simplifies your operation and administration, and gives you total control over the process with timely information and reporting.

Wheelie Bin Distribution New ZealandWhat Our Customers Say:

"In partnership with SULO we are able to track every aspect of our roll-out with their web based A&D management system. The accuracy, timeliness and security of the data and reports were really impressive..."